Supercross 8-8-18 recap

As of Mid Day, Royal Mountain didn't not have any rain. Despite reports of rain in the forecast racing would go on as scheduled. As usual Ray Brothers Barbeque sponsored rider Codi Russell took to the track under some very wet conditions. Codi was a trooper though, he would find ways to make the mud work to his advantage. Some riders left because they couldn't handle the conditions, while others attempted a track that could have been difficult to tame. Russell registered for his usual 2 classes; the 125 2 stroke and schoolboy. To the line the go, Russell launches out of the gate for moto 1 of 125 2 stroke class. Around the corner they go Codi would have a slight lead over 2nd place. And once again first and 2nd place would be Russell and the #122 of Carter Petersen. We've seen great battles with these two riders in past supercross events. Back and forth they'd duke it out. Carter would be able to get around Codi to take the lead and win the first moto. Very impressive first moto given the muddy conditions. Moto 2 for the 125 2 stroke class, both Petersen and Russell go at it once again; however, Bretty Unser (Brett Unser) on a Yamaha would stick his front fender in between the two KTM machines. Unser would come out to win Moto number two and Russell and Petersen would have to settle for 2nd and third place respectively. Codi would receive the overall for the class and Petersen would take 2nd overall for the evening! Moving on, Codi also races in the schoolboy class with Carter Petersen and long with a long standing battler Tyler Blowers. Blowers would check out during both motos, leaving Petersen and Russell to duke it out. They would finished 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Codi Russell #66 (Middle) celebrates with team after winning the 125 2 stroke class on August 8th Photo credit to Mom aka Jenny Russell

Codi Russell #66 (Middle) celebrates with team after winning the 125 2 stroke class on August 8th Photo credit to Mom aka Jenny Russell

Now another rider we've been keeping an eye on this season is the likes that of Bryce Mussen. Bryce on the #221 KTM has has some top 5 runs this season. Wednesday evening was no exception. Bryce would duke it out in the 250 Novice class along with the 250 Open Novice class. Mussen would go 1-1 in both classes; pulling holeshots in both classes. He was seen duking it out with Carter Petersen along with Matt Campbell. Campbell would have some have some challenges and fall back and couldn't quick keep up with Petersen and Mussen, Mussen would finish on the top of the podium with Carter Petersen taking second place and Jerry Shelmandine taking third in the 250 novice class respectively. In the Open novice class, however, Campbell was able to keep knocking on Mussen's door putting the green fender of his Kawasaki inside to make a pass. Mussen held his line and shut the door able to block Campbell to allow Mussen to take the win in the Open class. They Telfter brothers sneaking in there as well on the Yamaha's making moves to stay in the mix with the front runners! After catching up with Mussen, we got his feelings on the track. "It was a mudder for sure, but hey that's motocross." So to round out the top 4 the it's 1. Mussen, 2. Campbell, 3. Nick Telfer, 4. Matt Telfer!

So in addition to the great racing in the 4 mentioned classes above we have some great racing amongst our mini quad classes. For example Tyler Miller and Blake Conroy would go head to head duking it out in the mud. Slinging mud everywhere, these kids ripped up the hill out of the holeshot from the gate, with out a care in the world. Commendable performances from these two young riders given the conditions. Miller #18 and Conroy #117 would finish 1 and 2 respectively in their class.

Blake Conroy having fun during his moto at Royal Mountain on Wednesday 8-18-18. Dad quoted him stating, "He loved the mud." Photo credit to Dad aka Anthony Conroy

Blake Conroy having fun during his moto at Royal Mountain on Wednesday 8-18-18. Dad quoted him stating, "He loved the mud." Photo credit to Dad aka Anthony Conroy

Moving on to the 51-90cc Mini quad class. The "blonde bombshell" of #921 Alissa Duncan, shot out of a cannon, gone up the hill with the #21 of Tyler Rizzo and the rest of the field in toe. Duncan would be training for her trip to the "Big Dance" at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Tennessee on Saturday and Sunday! Meanwhile back to the racing, Rizzo and others would all be duking it out. A few riders would have some challenges navigating their way through the mudd. Two riders who would get stuck would be the #100 of Chloe Vannostrand and Savannah Symonds. Race officials would work diligently to help the riders to continue along. The #100 would be scored as dnf. However Moto 2 she would make a strong recovery to a solid 4th place to finish out the moto. So to top of this class you have your top 4. 1. #921 Alissa Duncan, 2. #21 Tyler Rizzo, 3. #7 Savannah Symonds and 4th. #100 Chloe Vannostrand.


#21 Rizzo Claims 2nd place finish

Rider of the number #21 machine Tyler Rizzo Claims a 2nd place finish and dedicates it to his grandfather! Photo credit to Mom aka Megan Rizzo

Team #433 of Maxx Miller were in action as well taking the top spot on the podium in the 50CC class over Brady Rodecker. However, later in the evening it would be the brothers Rodecker to top the podium in the mini 60cc class, Max Miller would have to settle for third position. Good night of racing over all for the riders given the conditions! 

Racing returns to Royal Mountain on Wednesday at it's usual time of 7pm. Registration starts at 5pm goes until 7pm. Practice and racing to follow shortly after. Don't forget about our Rider appreciation night in a couple of weeks on August 29th. Final year end awards will be handed out for rider who have competed in season long events. Look forward to seeing you all this week!

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