Supercross 8-24-18 recap

Well it was another Wednesday evening of Royal Mountain Monster Energy Supercross in Caroga Lake, NY. The weather was cool and comfortable with a little bit of a chill in the air; but nonetheless, a beautiful evening of racing. This race evening was a rescheduled "rain date" due to a significant storm passing through at the end of July thus extending the racing season which was originally schedule to end on August 22nd.

Moto 1 on the running order for the evening was the 50cc Peewee Sr riders. So for folks just tuning in to our blog, the Sr. Peewee riders have more experience but have not fully made the transition to the 65cc bikes yet. Back to the action on the track, Maxx Miller #433 would launch himself out of the gate grabbing the holeshot and the lead. However, Maxx wouldn't be able to run away to fast because he had company coming. The fast riders of Brady Rodecker and Kaden Mcaffrey were charging hard to get by. These three riders would do battle during the evening and put on quite the performance. Miller however would finish ahead as the front runner. Moto 2 however would be a bit different. Rodecker would be able to get the upper hand. While battling Miller for the lead, Rodecker would find a faster line passing Miller. The race would come down to the wire but Rodecker would be no match for the #433 machine of Miller. Miller would have to settle for 2nd place for the moto and 2nd place over all of the class. Some exciting action in the mini bike class, and it only gets better from there.

Moving on to our mini quad class we had five riders take to the line. Out of the gate first up the hill the very competitive and fast Alissa Duncan. The "Blonde bombshell" would return to Royal Mountain supercross competition after a week of being away while she attending the quad version of "the big dance," the Loretta Lynn Nationals. Duncan would fair well against many of the fastest quad riders in the world. She would have support from Team Tremellen and the Root River Racing team. Duncan would return with this experience and put on quite a show battling amongst the field.


Mini quad riders work with pro quad rider Dylan Tremellen of Root River Racing team at Unadilla Motocross on Sunday August 26th, 2018 - Photo credit Team Duncan #921 racing

With the points race in the mini quad class tightening up for the last points race of the season, Duncan would be challenged by the #9 of Rian Hynes and Tyler Rizzo #21. Hynes would give Duncan a run for here money going side by side multiple times around the track. Duncan would shut the door holding Hynes off and Rizzo not far behind giving chase. To end the moto, Duncan, Hynes and Rizzo would round out your top 3. Duncan however, would use this motovation prepare for the NYS Championships at Unadilla Motocross a few days later on Sunday August 26th. 


Team Duncan #921 racing a hard fought championship at Royal Mountain Monster Energy Supercross - Photo credit Team Duncan #921 Racing

 To the full size quads we go, duking it out in the Quad amatuer class you have Peter Miller and Josh Deuel, two experienced veterans of the sport. Peter Miller, a legend in his own mind, would battle hard with the #453 of Deuel. Miller on the can-am machine would just be to tough to pass. Miller had is eyes focused on the prize being the moto win. Also durning the moto the quad novice group would be out battling after a staggered gate drop, Anthony Musto #420 and Andrew Ashbey of Mayfield, NY #144 would got at it. Musto was not match for Ashbey. Despite using every bit of effort to keep up with Musto, Ashbey could not get around him. Musto just having a bit more experience would propel him to the moto and class win. Also Mason St. John - Lemery would post a victory in the Quad schoolboy class.

Now a rising class here for our Wednesday evening Supercross program has been that of the Open Mini class. Eleven riders would take the line and do battle. During recent weeks, this was the class to watch, some riders would come out of nowhere and be successful to post victories. Now can these riders to the same on a Friday night? We'll they answer is yes. Out of the holeshot to the top of the hill, here comes the #57 of Charles Rose out of Fonda snagging a slight advantage. Rose however would have pressure from skilled riders Hayden Zelich# 129 and young Joe Edwards on the #911. These riders would continue to battle it out through the night, back and forth they'd go for position. Zelich, Edwards and Rose would round out the top three in the class. Most definitely some exciting bar 2 bar racing action in this class. 

Also capturing some great entertainment was our pitbike class. Six riders made their way to the gate. Up the hill the go, Brandon Tyler on the #x18 and #716 of Brandon Groves would pull away from the field. The battle among these two riders would in-sue in addition to the battle for 3rd and 4th positions between Jordan Miller #328 (usually rides quad and Pitbike) and #511 of Mason St. John - Lemery. Tyler would take the over all win, Groves would finish second and Miller and Lemery would round out the top 4.

Ray Brothers Barbeque sponsored rider Codi Russell. This guy has been on fire lately. Last week Codi would be running out front and took a look taste of the Royal Mountain Ski Area dirt home for didn't, but got back up and picked off spots and would come back for a solid top three finish. And in recent weeks he would be doing battle in the 125 2 stroke class and school boy class. Now with the supercross season winding down, Codi would find himself in the the top 5 in points. On Friday, which was a rescheduled "rain date" Codi would have a smooth set of motos grabbing holeshots and battling with Bretty Unser and Deegan Thrasher in the 125 2 stroke class. And the same season long battle would continue in the schoolboy class amongst Tyler Blowers who would get out front which would leave Russell and Carter Peterson to fight it out for 2nd position. Russell would go 1-1 overall in the 125 2 stroke class and Unser to take 2nd place and Thrasher for a solid 3rd place finish. The top 3 for the schoolboy class would not change all season, it would be Blowers, Peterson, and Russell to finish the points season. Blowers would clinch the championship for the schoolboy class! 

Team Russell celebrate with a 1st place over all in the 125 2 stroke class and a 3rd over all in the schoolboy class at Royal Mountain Ski Area. Photo credit to Jenny Russell.

Team Russell celebrate with a 1st place over all in the 125 2 stroke class and a 3rd over all in the schoolboy class at Royal Mountain Ski Area. Photo credit to Jenny Russell.

Also sticking his front fender in the field of Novice riders would be the KTM machine #608 of Peter G. Marrale. Peter would launch out of the gate among 7 other riders. Marrale would get out front and duke it out with the #815 of Tyler M Dygert. Racing would in-sue when Matthew Campbell of Glens Falls, would get involved along with 1 half of team Telfer racing Matt Telfer would duke it out. Telfer would get the upper hand and to finish in 4th. Unfortunately, Campbell would have some challenges during the evening. He just couldn't get the bike dialed in for his liking. Marrale would come away with the 1st overall win the Open Novice class; in addition going 3-1 for second overall behind Carter Peterson in the 250 Novice class. Now I do need to make note, Peter would have a bobble and go down, however, he would able to pick off riders from a stacked class in moto 1 recovery to the 3rd position. While during the 250 Novice moto, a few riders would get tangle up in the back corner behind the ski lift, Nick Telfer #637 would have no where to go colliding with another riders. Marrale would weed his way through the field and using a slower rider as a pick to get around Peterson. Marrale would take 1st with Carter Peterson and Rob Marshall #222 to round out the top 3 in the class. So again, while night of racing. If you were not there for Wednesday or Friday's events you certainly missed out. With points on the line the riders had to be on their game all night long. After Friday evenings races, all of the points were frozen and Championships would be determined. An award presentation is set to take place next Wednesday evening where all of the champions will be crowned. Admission and class fees are half price.
Again, Great week of racing. We look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday evening for Awards and Rider appreciation Night.

If you missed any of the action, as usual, James Ellis of the Leaderherald was on tap to get the scoup of all the evenings action.