Monster Motocross successful during heat wave part 1!

Thank you Rock Auto for the wristbands! Thank you for your years on continued support!

Thank you Rock Auto for the wristbands! Thank you for your years on continued support!

So it was just like any other race weekend. Campers began pulling into Royal Mountain for the next round of CNYMRA/ Monster Motocross on Friday evening. We grabbed our wristbands compliments of Royal Mountain and Rock Auto have had a great working relationship for many years. Anyway, we all sat and enjoyed the evening and the sunset by the fire; some folks found themselves swimming in the pond due to the heat. Before we knew it, our beds were calling our names. We woke up the next day to a warm one. Riders grabbed lots of water to bring to and from the track. Practice got underway as usual and then we went racing. Some riders would take off where they left of at Echo Valley Mx the weekend before. Maxx Miller shot out of a canon once again flying past the competition in both of its 50 open and 50 pee-wee Sr classes for the win. In the mix for the novice class, riders such as Carter Petersen would do battle with Skyler Shute and Cody Kramer. Kramer at open point was a savage doing anything and I mean anything to get passed the competition. After an awesome charge at Echo Valley Mx, Kramer was hungry to get on top of the box. Kramer was doing all he could battling hard with Skyler Shute. Shute would close the gap between he and Petersen but couldn't quite make the lines work. Hard fought race in the novice class, Petersen would take the win! Shute and Kramer would have to settle for 2nd and 3rd. 

In the mini class, out of the hole-shot into the first corner up the hill, its the orange KTM machine of Revin' Evan Miller along with the swarm of other riders. It would be Miller, Zelich, and the rest of the class. Joe Edwards on the 911 machine was able to get close to Miller but couldn't quiet make the pass.

Next up in our quad classes. This is no ordinary quad group; there are some fast riders in these classes. With the momentum from Echo Valley Mx and the last weeks supercross race here at Royal you could tell there was going to be some fierce action on the track. First out of the gate was the 921 of Alissa Duncan and the 119 of Kaylee Ross duking it out up the hill. Ross would hold the lead until Duncan would hit the turbo booster and zoomed by Ross. Man shot out of a canon and she is out of there. Duncan would take the win, Ross however would have to settle for 4th after two other competitors Nathaniel Kadic and Rian Hynes would get by to take the position away.

Experts, experts experts. The plus 25 class is certain were these got heated, no pun intended of course. Brian Falzo, Caleb Schachtler, Sam Schilde, Sam Spinella, Johnstown's own Adryan Pelosi could be seeing racing bar to bar. At one point in the day, riders of this class were seen with bars and wheels touching and it was starting to get dicey. Falzo would take the win and Schilde would take the runner up position and Schachtler would take the last spot on the podium.

There was so much great racing and fun had by all! All riders survived the heat and our pond became a very busy place! For more results about your favorite rider, look in our local paper the Leader-heard! Follow the link below.


Riders cooling off in the Pond after a hot day of racing.

Photo credit to Katlin Talbot

At the end of day one of racing, racers retired to their pit areas to rest their heads. On other parts of the track, fire works were like bombs burstin' in the air celebrating the July 4th holiday. Spectators watched in awe as the spectacle of the celebration began. As the evening grew on, some folks off in the distance noticed the moon being a very bloody red color. The big red moon lit up the sky like nothing anyone had ever seen before. The strawberry moon takes place every June during the phases of the moons cycle. It's quite the change to see during a weekend!


Strawberry Moon seen over Royal Mountain Saturday Evening!

The Strawberry Moon—a North American nickname for June's full moon—owes its fruit-inspired moniker to the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans, as it appears at the time of year when they would harvest strawberries. In other parts of the world, it is also known as the Honey Moon, Hot Moon and Full Rose Moon.