Several area riders quailfy for a ticket to Loretta Lynn's Ranch

Before you become a pro rider, many riders hope to make the "big dance" known as Loretta Lynn's! Loretta Lynns is a motocross facility in Tennessee that hosts one of the biggest races of the year. Riders who qualify, come from all over the country including places like NY, CT, TX and more. 

To get here riders must attend a regional qualifier to prove themselves against other riders. Once completed riders can then move on to the "big dance." Some riders will make it, others will not, however, the experience is worth the trip as they have said. 

As few riders from the New York area who make the usual pilgrimage to Royal Mountain Ski Area for Central New York events include Jeremy Edwards, Mark Molesky, Paige Weingarten, and Gavin Betts. These riders will compete in 35 categories of classes ranging from schoolboy, college-boy, 250 novice, minis and others just to name a few.

Riders will get a day to practice. Practice will begin on July 30th and racing will take place starting on July 31st. Due to the large amount of riders, classes are spread out over the course of a week with racing ending on August 4th. 

During the weeks' events, riders can attend special events like a chapel service in the morning, attend autograph signings and more. The experience alone is one of the great things you must have for your bucket list if you are a rider. 

To those who quailified, we wish you the best of luck. Have fun an be safe!