Season update, open house, 2018-2019 Triple Crown Snow Drag events

Well we’ve have a busy summer with CNYMRA Motocross in addition to another successful year of Wednesday night Monster Energy Supercross. Week after week, riders came from all over to tackle the slippery slopes of the mountain; many earning great end of the season awards. Among the highlights many pro riders from Fort Plain’s, Spencer Mang, Davey Sterritt, and more would come to Royal Mountain to do battle against national pro rider Jared “the Stankdog” Stankie. Stankie would make two appearances at Royal Mountain drawing in many spectators.

Some 2 Stankin’ action at Royal Mountain when Jared Stankie invades the mountain!

Some 2 Stankin’ action at Royal Mountain when Jared Stankie invades the mountain!

Moving on, we dealt with some rain and mud along the way; However, the show must go on. Due to the weather challenges incurred, a few races would be shuffled to a Friday night with the Awards night would get moved to a later date; in this case the following Wednesday. Riders began showing up to claim their season long awards when wouldn’t you know “Mother Nature” would strike again. This time pouring rain over the mountain would try to spoil the parade. However, the Royal Mountain team would move events inside to the lodge; thus, keeping everyone safe and dry as the didn’t want to get caught running between the rain drops. Once riders claimed their awards, many left and went home to celebrate, others would gear up and take to one final time in the mudd for a 1 moto format winner take all race.. Mud was flying and slingin’ everywhere. Riders would then claim their final trophy of the 2018 motocross season!

Once closing the summer season we began making Winter and Fall preparations. We began cleaning up the mountain and began to service all of our Winter equipment. On November 4th, patrons of the mountain we able to come see all of the great changes and additions we had done. We opened from 1-4pm as seen in the photo below. We also added six new towers fan guns to make the most snow possible.. with over 26-30 machines running there was no doubt that we would have some of the best conditions for all of our patrons. Patrons we also able to sign up for their season long passes of which were discounted until a specific date; if you were looking for a good deal on season passes this was the day to do it. Of course our own “Corduroy Joe” has been on hand to make sure we provide the best skiing and snowboarding conditions around.


Open House

November 4th

The mountain would official open to its patrons for the season on Thanksgiving weekend. We had a very successful first weekend open. Even motocross regulars would return to enjoy the winter type weather.


Skiing at it’s best

With the family - Photo credit Brian Miller with his son


Hayden Z and friends having fun on Opening weekend

Photo credit - James Ellis ~ The Leader Herold

Moving on, Snow Drag racing director, Jake Tennis announced in August, Royal Mountain would be once again teaming up with Renegade Racing to host 3 events for the 2018-2019 season. “This will be our fourth year working with Renegade Racing,” said Tennis as he was preparing for more snowmaking. Tennis also stated, “The snow-guns will be running around the clock the make as much snow as possible to make for the best course.”

We usually see at least one thousand plus spectators that come in through the gate each year. The course takes in the the area of the bunny slope; it runs roughly 450-500 feet up the mountain. The spectators often get an awesome view high above the course under the lights on the deck of the lodge, which was recently put in last year. We look forward to an awesome winter season! Thank you to everyone who helps in making all of our events possible!

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