February 26th, 2019

Over 10 “ of snow dell Monday/Monday Night at Royal! More snow in the forecast this week which will set us up for a great weekend!

We continue to have all trails open and are maintaining an average snow making base of over 3 feet!

Once again this season we will anticipate skiing and riding well into April,


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Washington's Birthday

Royal Mountain will be open Saturday February 16th - Sunday February 24th from 9AM - 4PM

Royal Mountain is approaching Washington’s Birthday week in GREAT shape! Due to around the clock snowmaking early in the season we still have an average snowmaking base of 2 feet on all trails! To make things better nearly 3 feet of natural snow has fallen on Royal in the last 2 weeks and over 15” of Fresh Snow in the last 48 Hours!!!!

Our terrain park is in great shape and, as always, Royal is groomed every operation day by Corduroy Joe.

Ski / Ride any 5 days on vacation week for $150.00 - $200.00 with rentals.

Season update, open house, 2018-2019 Triple Crown Snow Drag events

Well we’ve have a busy summer with CNYMRA Motocross in addition to another successful year of Wednesday night Monster Energy Supercross. Week after week, riders came from all over to tackle the slippery slopes of the mountain; many earning great end of the season awards. Among the highlights many pro riders from Fort Plain’s, Spencer Mang, Davey Sterritt, and more would come to Royal Mountain to do battle against national pro rider Jared “the Stankdog” Stankie. Stankie would make two appearances at Royal Mountain drawing in many spectators.

Some 2 Stankin’ action at Royal Mountain when Jared Stankie invades the mountain!

Some 2 Stankin’ action at Royal Mountain when Jared Stankie invades the mountain!

Moving on, we dealt with some rain and mud along the way; However, the show must go on. Due to the weather challenges incurred, a few races would be shuffled to a Friday night with the Awards night would get moved to a later date; in this case the following Wednesday. Riders began showing up to claim their season long awards when wouldn’t you know “Mother Nature” would strike again. This time pouring rain over the mountain would try to spoil the parade. However, the Royal Mountain team would move events inside to the lodge; thus, keeping everyone safe and dry as the didn’t want to get caught running between the rain drops. Once riders claimed their awards, many left and went home to celebrate, others would gear up and take to one final time in the mudd for a 1 moto format winner take all race.. Mud was flying and slingin’ everywhere. Riders would then claim their final trophy of the 2018 motocross season!

Once closing the summer season we began making Winter and Fall preparations. We began cleaning up the mountain and began to service all of our Winter equipment. On November 4th, patrons of the mountain we able to come see all of the great changes and additions we had done. We opened from 1-4pm as seen in the photo below. We also added six new towers fan guns to make the most snow possible.. with over 26-30 machines running there was no doubt that we would have some of the best conditions for all of our patrons. Patrons we also able to sign up for their season long passes of which were discounted until a specific date; if you were looking for a good deal on season passes this was the day to do it. Of course our own “Corduroy Joe” has been on hand to make sure we provide the best skiing and snowboarding conditions around.


Open House

November 4th

The mountain would official open to its patrons for the season on Thanksgiving weekend. We had a very successful first weekend open. Even motocross regulars would return to enjoy the winter type weather.


Skiing at it’s best

With the family - Photo credit Brian Miller with his son


Hayden Z and friends having fun on Opening weekend

Photo credit - James Ellis ~ The Leader Herold

Moving on, Snow Drag racing director, Jake Tennis announced in August, Royal Mountain would be once again teaming up with Renegade Racing to host 3 events for the 2018-2019 season. “This will be our fourth year working with Renegade Racing,” said Tennis as he was preparing for more snowmaking. Tennis also stated, “The snow-guns will be running around the clock the make as much snow as possible to make for the best course.”

We usually see at least one thousand plus spectators that come in through the gate each year. The course takes in the the area of the bunny slope; it runs roughly 450-500 feet up the mountain. The spectators often get an awesome view high above the course under the lights on the deck of the lodge, which was recently put in last year. We look forward to an awesome winter season! Thank you to everyone who helps in making all of our events possible!

For more information about events, pricing, rules of the lodge visit, www.royalmountain.com


Snow Drags

at Royal Mountain Ski Area

Royal Mountain 2018-2019

Once again, this year Royal Mountain has added to its snowmaking arsenal. Six new turn mounted snow guns are up and running for the season. They were installed on the Challenge Terrain Park and the beginner’s area. Snowmaking and grooming we feel are the key to our success. In 2005 we started upgrading our system with our first snow gun.

This season we have 26 which have paid huge dividends. Our average season now starts in late November and lasts well into April with today’s snowmaking capacity and corduroy gives us the ability to turn snow into perfect corduroy we can virtually guarantee a great skiing and riding surface every operating day

This will be the second season of our new locker area. It is in the back of our rental shop and has proven to be a major convenience for many of our skiers and riders. Lockers are available once again this year. Royal will be open weekends, holidays and holiday weeks. Day passes and gift certificates are always available at Alpin Haus ski shop.

Supercross 8-24-18 recap

Well it was another Wednesday evening of Royal Mountain Monster Energy Supercross in Caroga Lake, NY. The weather was cool and comfortable with a little bit of a chill in the air; but nonetheless, a beautiful evening of racing. This race evening was a rescheduled "rain date" due to a significant storm passing through at the end of July thus extending the racing season which was originally schedule to end on August 22nd.

Moto 1 on the running order for the evening was the 50cc Peewee Sr riders. So for folks just tuning in to our blog, the Sr. Peewee riders have more experience but have not fully made the transition to the 65cc bikes yet. Back to the action on the track, Maxx Miller #433 would launch himself out of the gate grabbing the holeshot and the lead. However, Maxx wouldn't be able to run away to fast because he had company coming. The fast riders of Brady Rodecker and Kaden Mcaffrey were charging hard to get by. These three riders would do battle during the evening and put on quite the performance. Miller however would finish ahead as the front runner. Moto 2 however would be a bit different. Rodecker would be able to get the upper hand. While battling Miller for the lead, Rodecker would find a faster line passing Miller. The race would come down to the wire but Rodecker would be no match for the #433 machine of Miller. Miller would have to settle for 2nd place for the moto and 2nd place over all of the class. Some exciting action in the mini bike class, and it only gets better from there.

Moving on to our mini quad class we had five riders take to the line. Out of the gate first up the hill the very competitive and fast Alissa Duncan. The "Blonde bombshell" would return to Royal Mountain supercross competition after a week of being away while she attending the quad version of "the big dance," the Loretta Lynn Nationals. Duncan would fair well against many of the fastest quad riders in the world. She would have support from Team Tremellen and the Root River Racing team. Duncan would return with this experience and put on quite a show battling amongst the field.


Mini quad riders work with pro quad rider Dylan Tremellen of Root River Racing team at Unadilla Motocross on Sunday August 26th, 2018 - Photo credit Team Duncan #921 racing

With the points race in the mini quad class tightening up for the last points race of the season, Duncan would be challenged by the #9 of Rian Hynes and Tyler Rizzo #21. Hynes would give Duncan a run for here money going side by side multiple times around the track. Duncan would shut the door holding Hynes off and Rizzo not far behind giving chase. To end the moto, Duncan, Hynes and Rizzo would round out your top 3. Duncan however, would use this motovation prepare for the NYS Championships at Unadilla Motocross a few days later on Sunday August 26th. 


Team Duncan #921 racing a hard fought championship at Royal Mountain Monster Energy Supercross - Photo credit Team Duncan #921 Racing

 To the full size quads we go, duking it out in the Quad amatuer class you have Peter Miller and Josh Deuel, two experienced veterans of the sport. Peter Miller, a legend in his own mind, would battle hard with the #453 of Deuel. Miller on the can-am machine would just be to tough to pass. Miller had is eyes focused on the prize being the moto win. Also durning the moto the quad novice group would be out battling after a staggered gate drop, Anthony Musto #420 and Andrew Ashbey of Mayfield, NY #144 would got at it. Musto was not match for Ashbey. Despite using every bit of effort to keep up with Musto, Ashbey could not get around him. Musto just having a bit more experience would propel him to the moto and class win. Also Mason St. John - Lemery would post a victory in the Quad schoolboy class.

Now a rising class here for our Wednesday evening Supercross program has been that of the Open Mini class. Eleven riders would take the line and do battle. During recent weeks, this was the class to watch, some riders would come out of nowhere and be successful to post victories. Now can these riders to the same on a Friday night? We'll they answer is yes. Out of the holeshot to the top of the hill, here comes the #57 of Charles Rose out of Fonda snagging a slight advantage. Rose however would have pressure from skilled riders Hayden Zelich# 129 and young Joe Edwards on the #911. These riders would continue to battle it out through the night, back and forth they'd go for position. Zelich, Edwards and Rose would round out the top three in the class. Most definitely some exciting bar 2 bar racing action in this class. 

Also capturing some great entertainment was our pitbike class. Six riders made their way to the gate. Up the hill the go, Brandon Tyler on the #x18 and #716 of Brandon Groves would pull away from the field. The battle among these two riders would in-sue in addition to the battle for 3rd and 4th positions between Jordan Miller #328 (usually rides quad and Pitbike) and #511 of Mason St. John - Lemery. Tyler would take the over all win, Groves would finish second and Miller and Lemery would round out the top 4.

Ray Brothers Barbeque sponsored rider Codi Russell. This guy has been on fire lately. Last week Codi would be running out front and took a look taste of the Royal Mountain Ski Area dirt home for didn't, but got back up and picked off spots and would come back for a solid top three finish. And in recent weeks he would be doing battle in the 125 2 stroke class and school boy class. Now with the supercross season winding down, Codi would find himself in the the top 5 in points. On Friday, which was a rescheduled "rain date" Codi would have a smooth set of motos grabbing holeshots and battling with Bretty Unser and Deegan Thrasher in the 125 2 stroke class. And the same season long battle would continue in the schoolboy class amongst Tyler Blowers who would get out front which would leave Russell and Carter Peterson to fight it out for 2nd position. Russell would go 1-1 overall in the 125 2 stroke class and Unser to take 2nd place and Thrasher for a solid 3rd place finish. The top 3 for the schoolboy class would not change all season, it would be Blowers, Peterson, and Russell to finish the points season. Blowers would clinch the championship for the schoolboy class! 

Team Russell celebrate with a 1st place over all in the 125 2 stroke class and a 3rd over all in the schoolboy class at Royal Mountain Ski Area. Photo credit to Jenny Russell.

Team Russell celebrate with a 1st place over all in the 125 2 stroke class and a 3rd over all in the schoolboy class at Royal Mountain Ski Area. Photo credit to Jenny Russell.

Also sticking his front fender in the field of Novice riders would be the KTM machine #608 of Peter G. Marrale. Peter would launch out of the gate among 7 other riders. Marrale would get out front and duke it out with the #815 of Tyler M Dygert. Racing would in-sue when Matthew Campbell of Glens Falls, would get involved along with 1 half of team Telfer racing Matt Telfer would duke it out. Telfer would get the upper hand and to finish in 4th. Unfortunately, Campbell would have some challenges during the evening. He just couldn't get the bike dialed in for his liking. Marrale would come away with the 1st overall win the Open Novice class; in addition going 3-1 for second overall behind Carter Peterson in the 250 Novice class. Now I do need to make note, Peter would have a bobble and go down, however, he would able to pick off riders from a stacked class in moto 1 recovery to the 3rd position. While during the 250 Novice moto, a few riders would get tangle up in the back corner behind the ski lift, Nick Telfer #637 would have no where to go colliding with another riders. Marrale would weed his way through the field and using a slower rider as a pick to get around Peterson. Marrale would take 1st with Carter Peterson and Rob Marshall #222 to round out the top 3 in the class. So again, while night of racing. If you were not there for Wednesday or Friday's events you certainly missed out. With points on the line the riders had to be on their game all night long. After Friday evenings races, all of the points were frozen and Championships would be determined. An award presentation is set to take place next Wednesday evening where all of the champions will be crowned. Admission and class fees are half price.
Again, Great week of racing. We look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday evening for Awards and Rider appreciation Night.

If you missed any of the action, as usual, James Ellis of the Leaderherald was on tap to get the scoup of all the evenings action.


Supercross 8-8-18 recap

As of Mid Day, Royal Mountain didn't not have any rain. Despite reports of rain in the forecast racing would go on as scheduled. As usual Ray Brothers Barbeque sponsored rider Codi Russell took to the track under some very wet conditions. Codi was a trooper though, he would find ways to make the mud work to his advantage. Some riders left because they couldn't handle the conditions, while others attempted a track that could have been difficult to tame. Russell registered for his usual 2 classes; the 125 2 stroke and schoolboy. To the line the go, Russell launches out of the gate for moto 1 of 125 2 stroke class. Around the corner they go Codi would have a slight lead over 2nd place. And once again first and 2nd place would be Russell and the #122 of Carter Petersen. We've seen great battles with these two riders in past supercross events. Back and forth they'd duke it out. Carter would be able to get around Codi to take the lead and win the first moto. Very impressive first moto given the muddy conditions. Moto 2 for the 125 2 stroke class, both Petersen and Russell go at it once again; however, Bretty Unser (Brett Unser) on a Yamaha would stick his front fender in between the two KTM machines. Unser would come out to win Moto number two and Russell and Petersen would have to settle for 2nd and third place respectively. Codi would receive the overall for the class and Petersen would take 2nd overall for the evening! Moving on, Codi also races in the schoolboy class with Carter Petersen and long with a long standing battler Tyler Blowers. Blowers would check out during both motos, leaving Petersen and Russell to duke it out. They would finished 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Codi Russell #66 (Middle) celebrates with team after winning the 125 2 stroke class on August 8th Photo credit to Mom aka Jenny Russell

Codi Russell #66 (Middle) celebrates with team after winning the 125 2 stroke class on August 8th Photo credit to Mom aka Jenny Russell

Now another rider we've been keeping an eye on this season is the likes that of Bryce Mussen. Bryce on the #221 KTM has has some top 5 runs this season. Wednesday evening was no exception. Bryce would duke it out in the 250 Novice class along with the 250 Open Novice class. Mussen would go 1-1 in both classes; pulling holeshots in both classes. He was seen duking it out with Carter Petersen along with Matt Campbell. Campbell would have some have some challenges and fall back and couldn't quick keep up with Petersen and Mussen, Mussen would finish on the top of the podium with Carter Petersen taking second place and Jerry Shelmandine taking third in the 250 novice class respectively. In the Open novice class, however, Campbell was able to keep knocking on Mussen's door putting the green fender of his Kawasaki inside to make a pass. Mussen held his line and shut the door able to block Campbell to allow Mussen to take the win in the Open class. They Telfter brothers sneaking in there as well on the Yamaha's making moves to stay in the mix with the front runners! After catching up with Mussen, we got his feelings on the track. "It was a mudder for sure, but hey that's motocross." So to round out the top 4 the it's 1. Mussen, 2. Campbell, 3. Nick Telfer, 4. Matt Telfer!

So in addition to the great racing in the 4 mentioned classes above we have some great racing amongst our mini quad classes. For example Tyler Miller and Blake Conroy would go head to head duking it out in the mud. Slinging mud everywhere, these kids ripped up the hill out of the holeshot from the gate, with out a care in the world. Commendable performances from these two young riders given the conditions. Miller #18 and Conroy #117 would finish 1 and 2 respectively in their class.

Blake Conroy having fun during his moto at Royal Mountain on Wednesday 8-18-18. Dad quoted him stating, "He loved the mud." Photo credit to Dad aka Anthony Conroy

Blake Conroy having fun during his moto at Royal Mountain on Wednesday 8-18-18. Dad quoted him stating, "He loved the mud." Photo credit to Dad aka Anthony Conroy

Moving on to the 51-90cc Mini quad class. The "blonde bombshell" of #921 Alissa Duncan, shot out of a cannon, gone up the hill with the #21 of Tyler Rizzo and the rest of the field in toe. Duncan would be training for her trip to the "Big Dance" at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Tennessee on Saturday and Sunday! Meanwhile back to the racing, Rizzo and others would all be duking it out. A few riders would have some challenges navigating their way through the mudd. Two riders who would get stuck would be the #100 of Chloe Vannostrand and Savannah Symonds. Race officials would work diligently to help the riders to continue along. The #100 would be scored as dnf. However Moto 2 she would make a strong recovery to a solid 4th place to finish out the moto. So to top of this class you have your top 4. 1. #921 Alissa Duncan, 2. #21 Tyler Rizzo, 3. #7 Savannah Symonds and 4th. #100 Chloe Vannostrand.


#21 Rizzo Claims 2nd place finish

Rider of the number #21 machine Tyler Rizzo Claims a 2nd place finish and dedicates it to his grandfather! Photo credit to Mom aka Megan Rizzo

Team #433 of Maxx Miller were in action as well taking the top spot on the podium in the 50CC class over Brady Rodecker. However, later in the evening it would be the brothers Rodecker to top the podium in the mini 60cc class, Max Miller would have to settle for third position. Good night of racing over all for the riders given the conditions! 

Racing returns to Royal Mountain on Wednesday at it's usual time of 7pm. Registration starts at 5pm goes until 7pm. Practice and racing to follow shortly after. Don't forget about our Rider appreciation night in a couple of weeks on August 29th. Final year end awards will be handed out for rider who have competed in season long events. Look forward to seeing you all this week!

For more information about how your favorite rider did, click the link below!


Several area riders quailfy for a ticket to Loretta Lynn's Ranch

Before you become a pro rider, many riders hope to make the "big dance" known as Loretta Lynn's! Loretta Lynns is a motocross facility in Tennessee that hosts one of the biggest races of the year. Riders who qualify, come from all over the country including places like NY, CT, TX and more. 

To get here riders must attend a regional qualifier to prove themselves against other riders. Once completed riders can then move on to the "big dance." Some riders will make it, others will not, however, the experience is worth the trip as they have said. 

As few riders from the New York area who make the usual pilgrimage to Royal Mountain Ski Area for Central New York events include Jeremy Edwards, Mark Molesky, Paige Weingarten, and Gavin Betts. These riders will compete in 35 categories of classes ranging from schoolboy, college-boy, 250 novice, minis and others just to name a few.

Riders will get a day to practice. Practice will begin on July 30th and racing will take place starting on July 31st. Due to the large amount of riders, classes are spread out over the course of a week with racing ending on August 4th. 

During the weeks' events, riders can attend special events like a chapel service in the morning, attend autograph signings and more. The experience alone is one of the great things you must have for your bucket list if you are a rider. 

To those who quailified, we wish you the best of luck. Have fun an be safe!

Royal Mountain Ski Area hosts it's final 2018 CNYMRA event on Sunday

On Sunday July 29th, Royal Mountain Ski Area will host it's final CNYMRA (Central New York Motocross Racing Association) of 2018. The first two double headers brought lots of exciting bar to bar racing action. The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend brought Sunshine and clear skis and the Sunday brought us rain and muddy bogs.


Mud Bogs

Riders waiting their way on the motocross track on Sunday during a rain soaked moto. Photo credit to Joline Wright

Moving on to July 4th weekend, riders returned for another weekend of fun in the sun; however, Mother Nature played her role in making the day quite warm. Heat and humidity would plague the atmosphere and make conditions extremely uncomfortable for riders but they toughed it out and we saw some awesome racing in many of the classes across the board.


Riders deal with heat

Riders prep for the heat and humidity during 4th of July weekend race. Photo credit to Ashley R. Walseman

After weeks of rain, riders return to Royal Mountain Ski Area for one more shot at the hill. Some riders coming to redeem themselves; others coming to prove themselves.

As always, shout out to our friends and supporters Rockauto.com. Rockauto helps us out with giving us the wristbands as you arrive at the gate. They are a great support to Royal Mountain!

As always, shout out to our friends and supporters Rockauto.com. Rockauto helps us out with giving us the wristbands as you arrive at the gate. They are a great support to Royal Mountain!

Who will be on the podium this weekend? Who will get the hardware? Monster Motocross/ CNYMRA Motocross takes off Sunday! You won't want to miss the action as riders from all over Central, New York duke it out up the hill to the first turn. Paul T. Peterson calls will call the action high atop race central! You can listen to the broadcast on 88.1 on the ole F.M. dial. Admission is $10 at the gate, Sign-up is from 7-9am.
Practice: 8:30am SHARP
First Class: $30
Second Class: $20
Third Class: $10
50cc: $20

New to the sport? CNYMRA has classes for all skill levels; Kids, teens, adults and more. We also host bikes and quads at the races. So come one, come all have some fun and check out the action.

Only 13 races remain on the CNYMRA schedule in 2018. If you haven't gotten to one yet, you still have plenty of time!

Only 13 races remain on the CNYMRA schedule in 2018. If you haven't gotten to one yet, you still have plenty of time!

Royal Mountain hosts 36th Annual Hillclimb Event in July

Ad poster for Royal Mountain's Annual Hillclimb event

Ad poster for Royal Mountain's Annual Hillclimb event

The first motorcycle race ever held at Royal Mountain Ski Area was in 1982 and it was a hillclimb. The New England Hill Climbers put Royal Mountain on its schedule in ’82 and has remained there to this day. It is a points paying event for New England and annually draws over 200 entries, and spectators.

Royal’s hill is 700’ long, which is the longest hill on the circuit. It features two jumps and some rough sections. Each rider gets two tries at the hill with the fastest trial counting. The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) thought enough of Royal Mountain and its hill to award it the 1996 national championship.

The New England Hill Climbers Association has only five events remaining for their 2018 Hillclimb schedule. The New England Hill Climbers Association travels to facilities all over New England; states include, NY, NH, and MA with it's next stop being here to Royal Mountain this weekend.

New England Hillclimbers Association
Event Schedule remaining events

Sunday, July 15th: Royal Mountain Hillclimb in Caroga Lake, NY

Saturday & Sunday, July 28-29th: Colin Krenzul Memorial race/AMA Amateur Hillclimb at Monson, Ma (non points race for NEHA)

Saturday, August 25th: Ridge Runner’s Hillclimb in Canaan, NH

Saturday, September 8th: Granite Gorge Hillclimb in Keene, NH

Sunday, September 30th: Championship Hillclimb in Monson, MA

For More information about hillclimbs go to http://www.newenglandhillclimbers.com/home.html

Registration begins at 8am and concludes at 10am with racing starting at 11am. Admission at the gate is $10.00 and sign up fee is $20.00 per class.

Thank you to Rockauto.com who provide our wristbands. They are an awesome partner for us and we have a great relationship working with them. Thank you again to RockAuto.com for all of your support

Thank you to Rockauto.com who provide our wristbands. They are an awesome partner for us and we have a great relationship working with them. Thank you again to RockAuto.com for all of your support

The following are the feature classes:

Push rod
450CC Open
600CC Open
750CC Open
Over 40
600 4 stroke
Over 50
Over 25 ATV
Open ATV

Don't forget our annual Wednesday night Supercross events. Registration starts at 5pm and closes at 7pm with practice and racing shortly there after. Our season will run until August 29th with Awards night being the last race of the season for us. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Monster Motocross successful during heatwave part 2

Well day 2 started off as it usually does. There's no better wake up call then the clink and clank of the teeth of a bull dozer grooming the track at 6am in the morning. Then of course the announcer Paul T. Petersen comes over the pa system as say the usual speech, "Good Morning riders, welcome to Royal Mountain. It's going to be another hot one today, make sure to drink lots of fluids etc. Riders meeting over the pa at 8:15am. Remember if you want to listen to the broadcast, you can do so by tuning into station 88.1FM." Shortly before getting started racing a moment of silence was held for a long time rider who had past away. Greg Stempel was a long time traveler who made many trips to Royal Mountain over the years and brought 3 generations of riders into racing motocross. There was also a quick tribute done to honor those who came before us and those currently fighting for our freedoms on the Independence day/ 4th of July weekend. 

Ol' glory standing tall during the morning salute as the National Anthem plays in the background.                 Photo Credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Ol' glory standing tall during the morning salute as the National Anthem plays in the background.                 Photo Credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Racing began shortly after, "Riders on the line, Start your Engines!" said Paul, the announcer. The quads were up first. It was only fitting since they went last on Saturday. Quads out the gate and they're off! Up the hill they go and it's Alex Ritton up the hill for the schoolboy however, lurking behind was Mason St.John Lemery who made sure work getting to the helm of the field in now time at all! Lemery would set the pace of the class and took the win with Ritton taken second and local rider Tyler Covey rounding out the top five in the class. 


511 with big Air

Mason St. John Lemery with some big air going to the horseshoe turn at Royal Mountain on Sunday during his College/School Boy Moto.                                                 Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

On to the Quad Amateur and Quad experts. Riders off of the gate, the experts first... oh and they're banging bars... it's Talbot, Briggs, Birdsall, Yarder and Hoffman... and they're side by side... Yarder would make it to the lead with Talbot to follow toe. Duking it out lap after lap, contact, tires touching .... and it's Talbot having to give... he would back out of the gas and off the quad he goes.. quickly returning to his quad. Meanwhile further back in the field it's New Berlin's Wyatt Hoffman battling hard with Ryan Fraiser and Jeremiah Birdsall. Talk about moving people around, Hoffman on many occasion sticking that front tire side by side the competition to get the position. In the end it would be Yarder to pick up the win with Talbot nipping at the heels for 2nd. 

CNYMRA Quad Expert 2017 Champion whiskey throttles out of the big bull turn from behind the starting line while tight battle with front runners Mike Talbot and Adam Briggs.                                                                  Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

CNYMRA Quad Expert 2017 Champion whiskey throttles out of the big bull turn from behind the starting line while tight battle with front runners Mike Talbot and Adam Briggs.                                                                  Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Supercross regular Peter Miller would take the top spot in the Quad Amateur class. A hard charging 2nd place finish would go to Scott Salls with Joe Hanson and Brandon Avery of Avery's Auto service duking it out for the final spot in the class.

Open Mini class was certainly a bar banger thats for sure. Riders Evan Miller and Issac Lawyer looked to double down after having a successful day on Saturday. Miller would find himself doing battle having some work to keep him busy for both motos. This time he had Dominic Grenga, and the "Ravena Rocket" Daniel Barry to contend with. Lawyer would get out in front having great battles with Miller going up the mountain, but it's Grenga to the front making it three wide, Grenga to the lead. Barry now putting the pressure on Lawyer and the rest of the field but does Barry and the other riders have enough time? It would be Lawyer with a hard fought fight for the 1st place position and Grenga with Evan Miller to round out the top 3.

Moving on to another notable class. They say the open novice class is one of the most exciting classes to watch. Everyone is hyped up.  

Erin Demers (27), Cody Kramer (417), Skyler Shute (96) and the rest of the Novice class blow by up the hill in to the first corner. Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Erin Demers (27), Cody Kramer (417), Skyler Shute (96) and the rest of the Novice class blow by up the hill in to the first corner. Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Soo with Erin Demers getting the holesot up the hill, he knows that he has a whole swarm of "killer bees" on his back fender. Kramer is hungry, he can feel a good run in his sights. Kramer would be seen going on the edge, going inside and outside trying to make any line work to his advantage but no he couldn't quiet make it work. Kramer would have some difficulty getting caught up with some other riders duking it out with the #122 Kawasaki of Zach Lewendowski and at one point making it 3 wide in to the turn going to the horse shoe after the double double behind the ski lift. In the end the #77 machine of Jacob Stevens would hit the switch and blow past everyone taking the lead. Shute, Joey Argus #132 and Erin Demers would charge their way to keep up with the 77 but they were no match for that man because Stevens had already checked out. So in the open notice class it would be Stevens, Shute, Argus, Demers, Lewendowski and Cody Kramer to round out the rest of the class.

Moving on, Bike Amateurs and Experts on the track now.. Casey Battisti and Frank "the Tank" Hempstead would duke it out. Back and fourth both riders would know each other were there. They'd look over and see each other, side by side they'd go, one pulling away from the other. The one pulling away would be Frank the Tank. Battisti would slow down to catch his breath for a moment then like a freight train he comes a couple of Amateurs closing the gap. It's Mark Molesky #100 and Nick Debernardis on the #842. Molesky shot out of a canon, ka boom... He is gone and checking out. Debernardis would have to contend with Parker Chase, Jody Hamilton and Mat Mauro. So to finish up the Experts, it's Hempstead and Battisti for 2nd. For the Amateurs, 1. Mark Molesky, 2. Nick Debernardis 3. Jody Hamilton, 4. Parker Chase and Mat Mauro to round out the top 5. 

Mark Molesky #100 blows by expert rider Frank "The Tank" Hempstead #199 during the 122 Am/Expert Open classes at Royal Mountain Sunday. Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Mark Molesky #100 blows by expert rider Frank "The Tank" Hempstead #199 during the 122 Am/Expert Open classes at Royal Mountain Sunday. Photo credit to Richard Conger ~ CD Films and Photography

Lastly, the wildest mini moto of the day! 51cc class on the line and this time it's Kaiden Forrester on the 210 out of the gate first. Leading the way in the 50 class.. But not fair behind is the 433 of "Moto" Maxx Miller. Both Forresters would duke it out for position; in the end it would be Miller to take the lead. Moving through the field, Miller had some company, rider 428 Blake Patrick and a fast young lil guy Kaden McAffrey would battle it out. In the end Miller would take 1st place in the open 51cc class and 2nd in the peewee sr. class. Blake Patrick would do the opposite, He would take the win in the Peewee Sr class and 2nd in the open 51cc class. Kaden McAffrey would take a solid 3rd place finish in the open class and a top 5 finish in the 51cc class.

If you'd like more information on racing you missed, follow the link below to see there article from our local newspaper the Leaderhearld.


Monster Motocross successful during heat wave part 1!

Thank you Rock Auto for the wristbands! Thank you for your years on continued support!

Thank you Rock Auto for the wristbands! Thank you for your years on continued support!

So it was just like any other race weekend. Campers began pulling into Royal Mountain for the next round of CNYMRA/ Monster Motocross on Friday evening. We grabbed our wristbands compliments of RockAuto.com. Royal Mountain and Rock Auto have had a great working relationship for many years. Anyway, we all sat and enjoyed the evening and the sunset by the fire; some folks found themselves swimming in the pond due to the heat. Before we knew it, our beds were calling our names. We woke up the next day to a warm one. Riders grabbed lots of water to bring to and from the track. Practice got underway as usual and then we went racing. Some riders would take off where they left of at Echo Valley Mx the weekend before. Maxx Miller shot out of a canon once again flying past the competition in both of its 50 open and 50 pee-wee Sr classes for the win. In the mix for the novice class, riders such as Carter Petersen would do battle with Skyler Shute and Cody Kramer. Kramer at open point was a savage doing anything and I mean anything to get passed the competition. After an awesome charge at Echo Valley Mx, Kramer was hungry to get on top of the box. Kramer was doing all he could battling hard with Skyler Shute. Shute would close the gap between he and Petersen but couldn't quite make the lines work. Hard fought race in the novice class, Petersen would take the win! Shute and Kramer would have to settle for 2nd and 3rd. 

In the mini class, out of the hole-shot into the first corner up the hill, its the orange KTM machine of Revin' Evan Miller along with the swarm of other riders. It would be Miller, Zelich, and the rest of the class. Joe Edwards on the 911 machine was able to get close to Miller but couldn't quiet make the pass.

Next up in our quad classes. This is no ordinary quad group; there are some fast riders in these classes. With the momentum from Echo Valley Mx and the last weeks supercross race here at Royal you could tell there was going to be some fierce action on the track. First out of the gate was the 921 of Alissa Duncan and the 119 of Kaylee Ross duking it out up the hill. Ross would hold the lead until Duncan would hit the turbo booster and zoomed by Ross. Man shot out of a canon and she is out of there. Duncan would take the win, Ross however would have to settle for 4th after two other competitors Nathaniel Kadic and Rian Hynes would get by to take the position away.

Experts, experts experts. The plus 25 class is certain were these got heated, no pun intended of course. Brian Falzo, Caleb Schachtler, Sam Schilde, Sam Spinella, Johnstown's own Adryan Pelosi could be seeing racing bar to bar. At one point in the day, riders of this class were seen with bars and wheels touching and it was starting to get dicey. Falzo would take the win and Schilde would take the runner up position and Schachtler would take the last spot on the podium.

There was so much great racing and fun had by all! All riders survived the heat and our pond became a very busy place! For more results about your favorite rider, look in our local paper the Leader-heard! Follow the link below. 



Riders cooling off in the Pond after a hot day of racing.

Photo credit to Katlin Talbot

At the end of day one of racing, racers retired to their pit areas to rest their heads. On other parts of the track, fire works were like bombs burstin' in the air celebrating the July 4th holiday. Spectators watched in awe as the spectacle of the celebration began. As the evening grew on, some folks off in the distance noticed the moon being a very bloody red color. The big red moon lit up the sky like nothing anyone had ever seen before. The strawberry moon takes place every June during the phases of the moons cycle. It's quite the change to see during a weekend!


Strawberry Moon seen over Royal Mountain Saturday Evening!

The Strawberry Moon—a North American nickname for June's full moon—owes its fruit-inspired moniker to the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans, as it appears at the time of year when they would harvest strawberries. In other parts of the world, it is also known as the Honey Moon, Hot Moon and Full Rose Moon.

(Source: time.com)

Royal Mountain Ski Area hosts CNYMRA double header for 4th of July holiday

Scott Salls (807) and Billy Shafer (816) in a hard battle for position during last years July 2nd race here at Royal Mountain!

Scott Salls (807) and Billy Shafer (816) in a hard battle for position during last years July 2nd race here at Royal Mountain!

For many years now, CNYMRA (Central New York Motocross Association) has held a double header race weekend on the 4th of July (could be before or after, depending on how the 4th falls). Riders from all over New York State or other areas to come tame the mountain. Many are quite successful. With camping available Friday evening through the weekend it's a popular place to go for a quick get away. And of course on the hot summer day, you can be taking a cool, and refreshing dip in the pond! It's an awesome way to cool off after a hot day of racing I tell you! The scenery and property are also awe inspiring and the property is very much like a campground, just with out the electric and water hook ups.

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, come on out for some bar to bar racing. We have riding skills for all levels, from beginner to experts. Check out our venders on venders row, Pop's Pop will be there with all the ice cream and cold treats along with the exclusive vender for CNYMRA RPM's appeal, even Sanders Motorsports from right here in Johnstown will be here.

Looking to wake up on a good note? Make sure to head up to the lodge, grab a freshly made cup of coffee from the girls. Grab a freshly made Belgian waffle and make sure to start your day off right with a well balanced breakfast. Then, pull up a chair, sit back, relax and watch the best riders on CNYMRA circut duke it out for position on the track.

We look forward to seeing everyone there this weekend! We are expecting a large turnout this weekend; so come one, come all! 


Kawasaki riders Todd Kinne (39) and Mike Ward (171) battle going into the big triple section on the back side of the ski resort!

Kawasaki riders Todd Kinne (39) and Mike Ward (171) battle going into the big triple section on the back side of the ski resort!

Fun night of racing 6-20-18


Good evening Riders! Thank you to everyone that came out last night! We had some awesome and exciting racing. One of the best places for racing under the lights during the summer! It was a beautiful night for racing with clear sky's and comfortable temperatures. 
Moving on to racing. We had some awesome bar to bar, exciting side by side racing. If you weren't here, you most certainly missed out. Moto 1 out of the gate and of course it's the mini bikes 50cc. Local riders "Moto" Maxx Miller would fly out of the gate like a cannon. Moving on to the quads. We had some awesome racing between expert rider Anthony Pennacchia and amateur rider Peter John Miller. Both riders would thread the needle multiple times around the track evening bumping bars and tires in the big bull turn behind the finish line. It definitely got exciting in this class since Miller would be returning to quad racing for the first time after recovering from an injury and Pennacchia would return to racing after a small time away. Miller and Pennacchia would take the over all wins for their respective classes. 
Notables in the 125 2 stroke classes were Fonda Rider Carter Petersen and Oriskany Falls rider Codi Russell, along with Deegan Thrasher who would stick his front fender into the top 3 to round out the podium.
Later on in the schoolboy 12-16 class more action among the top 3 of Tyler Blowers, Carter Petersen, and Codi Russell would go at it. They would round out the top 3. for the class.
Series regular Connor Cross would return to take the top spot in the Quad novice class but had some fierce competition with Matt Mitchell nipping at his heals for the 2nd place spot on the podium.
Finally to the last moto of the evening, Carter Petersen and Bryce Mussenwould be duking it out on the track in the 250 novice class. Never count out the #6 machine of Peter Marrate who manages to sneak for a tight 3rd place position finish after a good hard fought battle with Mussen and Matt Campbell and rider Ryan Tietz.
To round out the post we'd like to welcome back lengendary rider on the number #42 Honda, Bobby Kinary (who was spotted in the leader harold newspaper this Morning) ripping up the track and putting on quite the show for our spectators. 
Again, Thank you all who came out last night. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday followed by our Cnymra D3 Motocross event next Saturday and Sunday. Also make sure to check out Echo Valley Mx this will be hosting this weekend CNY race on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend all, we will see you all next Wednesday!

Link to the article in this mornings paper; the Leader Herald can be found here.

Introduction to Royal News

One and all, welcome to Royal Mountain's Motorsport Blog! This will be the home of all the most recent happenings this summer at Royal including race results! Our new featured author and photographer, Richard Conger will be helping to keep things here updated. Hope we are successful in bringing all the Royal news you need directly to you!

Photo of racer #775 warming up before the first Supercross race on 6/6/18

Photo of racer #775 warming up before the first Supercross race on 6/6/18